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My last post ~ 'It is what it is' I say to myself with a smile .... 2-5-06
Coping With Life's Transitions ~
Letting go is a decision ~ 2
Trust ~ 2
Expectations-Boundaries-Accountability & Anger ~ 2
How & When & Why ~ 2
Healing, Forgiveness, Moving on ~ 2
The Sedona Method ~
Toxic & Difficult Relationships -Personality disorders ~ 2
Things to try ~ Things to learn ~ Ways of Looking at Things ~ 2
Metaphysical Points of View ~ 2
Internet relationships ~ 2
Love, Lovers, Friends & Friendship & their Relationships ~ 2
When It's Finally Over ~..OR..~ When it's Over, Finally ! ~ 2
Considerations & Perspectives to stretch your mind ~ 2
The Music ~


I would very much appreicate your taking your time to complete this informative poll.
The whole purpose of this project is to 'be of help' in one manner or another.
I've gotten some good feedback so far, but I'm asking some very specific questions here in order to have a better sense of direction for myself as to what kinds of topics are the most meaningful for the reader.
I'd like to point out that I've chosen a variety of perspectives about these topics. I don't agree with part/some of them and some simply don't apply to my life right now, or my past and who knows about the future.
I'm trying to be open minded about what I choose to include within these topics. What will be right on , 'it speaks to me' may not even begin to 'whisper' to another. We are all different and learn in different ways. Some points are so dead solid true, however, a person may not be ready for such truths at the time of reading.
From the second we are conceived, we are in an ongoing process. We are never at a point where we know it all, understand it all, What used to work no longer does as we mature and gain more knowledge of life and of ourselves.
Don't feel badly pointing out to me what you don't like or disagree with. Chances are, I'll feel the same :)
This poll is private. Whatever information you choose to include will not be viewed by anyone but myself.
Thanks in advance for doing the poll. Your feedback will be useful and valuable to me in doing this project.  PDPJ
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