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Considerations & Perspectives to stretch your mind ~ 2

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Considerations & Perspectives to stretch your mind ~ 2
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I love concepts that make me think.
Often, I learn more about myself, my beliefs, when I come across things I disagree with. Sometimes I don't always know what I DO believe until I realize what it is I don't believe. My final conclusions are drawn when theory/concepts meet real life !
In this section I'm going to place some considerations for YOU ....  to stretch your mind and imagination a bit.
Some, upon first reading, will perhaps be a bit more than you are willing to contend with - or- maybe you've already crossed this particular bridge and have mastered the thought skills needed.
I am NOT saying I agree with all of them, but DO say that they are worth your consideration, depending on your present state of evolvement and circumstances and interest.
This will probably be one of my favorite sections to post in. Most of what you'll find here will be 'personal exercises' that I've either contended with throughout my life so far or that which I'm am currently considering.
This is all about attitudes, perspectives, a willingness to 'rethink' our positions, to learn, to grow beyond our present limits. I'll start off with some of the easier ones.
 As I said, I love things that make me go hmmmmm  :)  PDPJ
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   1. Random thoughts.

  2.  Daydreaming ~ a time to dilly dally  :)


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*Note ~ I wrote the following about this observation many, many years ago and it still holds true for me and I still find it useful.
Over the past 2-3 years, I've had the numbers 11:11 around me almost constantly. I've yet to figure out how they apply to or for me. The amount of times these numbers appear to me is far beyond coinsidence and I continue to wonder about their significance. PDPJ 
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Random thoughts ~
Random but significant to your own life, and developing abilities.

As we go through our normal routines of daily life, we most often do so in a mythodiacal trance like state- we start our day at the same time every morning, we take the same route to work everyday, we work in the same environment everyday, lunch consists of 'the routine menu', etc. We end our day in a routine...same home, same people, same bedtime, same many things we do by rote. Our minds are usually processing the same types of material from one day to the next, work issues, money, family. So as we are driving to work, usually at the most congested time of the day, apart from end of work day traffic, we are keeping our minds on driving (pffft ) to say, maybe also planning what we need to be doing when we arrive at our job ...we are more or less focused in a particular mode of thinking and then we have a random thought, out of context of 'the norm'...we 'hear' a song in our minds, we review a previous conversation, we 'hear' a quote, we think of a person,  we get an urge...random things out of the 'current normal context'.

      These random bits are of signifcance because the mind has 'its reason' for bring it to your awareness. Depending on what the random whatever was, it requires a looking into...some only briefly, some with great depth. So you hear/think of a quote~ how does it apply to you personally? or who/what in your life does it apply to? Why are you needing to be aware of this quote at this particular time? Random thoughts are also mental housecleaning, depending on what the thoughts are.
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It often isn't easy to quiet that voice some call the Inner Critic or the Gremlin. Whatever you call it, it's a chatterbox, and it's constant instruction keeps you from finding out what is true for you. One way to find a quiet place away from that inner voice is to daydream. Let you mind go to Fantasy Land and just notice what comes up. It's fun, relaxing, and enlightening, and it isn't even fattening. Try one of the following scenarios:

Magically, you have a free day-everything is free. You can be anywhere in the world you want. You can fly there in a moment. Where will you go? What's the weather like? What are you doing? Who's there with you? What's the most fun you can imagine?

Surprisingly, you have an extra day in your week somewhere there between Friday and Saturday. No business, no family obligations, nothing needs to be taken care of. It's a day just for you. You're at home with everything you need to do whatever you want. What do you do? Do you eat, read, sleep, create something, listen to music, garden? (Sorry, no watching TV--this is a creative day.) What would make your dreams come true.

Your office has benefited from the Midas touch. Everything you want in equipment has magically appeared. Clients you always dreamed of are listed in your active Rolodex. Your email brings opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. What are you doing, who are you doing it with, what's the most exciting thing that happens?

Such day dreaming is not only fun and rewarding, it turns off the mind chatter and gives you a chance to explore what has heart and meaning. Pay attention to what you decide to do, who you decide to be in your daydream.

You might find that you have the soul of an artist or the heart of an adventurer. You may realize that you want to use those years of music lessons after all or that the kinds of business deals you really want to make have to do with saving the environment. Your day dreams can be a snapshot of what your soul is yearning for.

Once you figure our what you want to do, the next step is developing a plan for getting it. It sounds simple. How could anything be simple in this complex world. What it takes is turning off the Inner Instructor and listening to that small voice that has been trying to be heard. That's the starting point. Happiness and contentment is the goal. What are you waiting for?

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