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My last post ~ 'It is what it is' I say to myself with a smile .... 2-5-06
Coping With Life's Transitions ~
Letting go is a decision ~ 2
Trust ~ 2
Expectations-Boundaries-Accountability & Anger ~ 2
How & When & Why ~ 2
Healing, Forgiveness, Moving on ~ 2
The Sedona Method ~
Toxic & Difficult Relationships -Personality disorders ~ 2
Things to try ~ Things to learn ~ Ways of Looking at Things ~ 2
Metaphysical Points of View ~ 2
Internet relationships ~ 2
Love, Lovers, Friends & Friendship & their Relationships ~ 2
When It's Finally Over ~..OR..~ When it's Over, Finally ! ~ 2
Considerations & Perspectives to stretch your mind ~ 2
The Music ~


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How do you verbalize your emotions?
Blurt or Brood? -

Chart your course through the political quagmire.
The Political Compass -

Test your relationship against several metaphysical standards.
Love Test -

Perceptions of God and ideology inventory.
Family Relationships -

Are you so deep in love you can't think straight? Get a little perspective with this quick quiz.
Crush Quiz -

What is your ecological footprint?
Sharing Nature's Interest -

Personality tests and quizzes on love, relationships, personality, and knowledge.
Quiz Stop -

Calculator to calculate the number of American singles you must meet to find your soulmate.
Soulmate Calculator -

Ladies Home Journal Quizzes -

Good family and friend attitude checks
The Relationship Institute -

Relationship problems? Search for answers here.

The unexamined relationship is not worth having.
True Love Magnet Quiz -

Is honesty really the best policy?
Honesty Test -

Also see The Boyfriend Test. Good message board.
The Girlfriend Test -



Also see The Girlfriend Test. Good message board.
The Boyfriend Test -

Just for fun. Maybe.
Dads Against Deadbeat Dates -

Are your numbers compatible?
Love Calculator -

Self-evaluation quiz on effective communications in relationships.
Listening Skills Evaluation -

How do you feel about your relationship and your place in it?
Relationship Satisfaction Test -

Quiz on how jealousy can affect relationships.
The Jealousy Quiz -

A marriage-risk calculator based on the 1957 book "How To Avoid Matrimony".
The Froy Marriage Test -

Determine just how slack you are.
Are you a slacker? -

Are there hidden depths to yours and your loved ones personalities?
Personality Match -

Find out if you are a jerk or a nag.
Hearts & Things Polls -

Several personality & relationship questionnaires to choose from.
#1 Choice Dating -

Find out how you rated on your last date.
Rate a Date -

Test to gauge the practicality and reality of your relationship.
Love Quiz Test -

An interesting assortment of relationship tests.
Coping Skills Inventory -

Very serious questionnaire.
Mars Venus Dating -

A man with a plan (or at least a questionnaire).
Personal Dating Test -

An intuitive look at the opportunities and challenges in a loving relationship.
Soulmate Quiz -

Investigate the intellectual, physical, and emotional aspects of your relationships.
The Relationship Basic 3 -

Demonstration test from Project Implicit, which gaugues prejudicial attitudes or beliefs about certain groups of people.
The Implicit Association Test -

How Great Is Your Marriage?
Excerpted from Emotional Infidelity: How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage and 10 Other Secrets to a Great Relationship

Answer the following fifteen questions, then tabulate your responses to find out how your marriage stacks up. 1. Your spouse has gained ten pounds and says to you, 'I've really put on a few pounds lately.

What is your Love Personality?
It is an obvious fact that we can learn and know what true love is. What we are often not aware of though, is that there are different love trends. Does it even matter if we understand love trends? If we are in a happy relationship, then that means it

What is your Love Personality? Part 2
Those are the main trends that most people fall into following. This does not mean that a person who has a certain love trend cannot carry qualities from other trends, however. It just means they in general carry that love personality.

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 These pages provide the tools for a wide-ranging analysis of your personality, so you can know yourself better. Covering the areas of
Introversion/Extraversion, Emotional Stability, Determinism, Sexuality and Social & Political Attitudes, it will help you see yourself - your mental, emotional and behavioral strengths and weaknesses - in a more objective light. It is an ideal starting point for personal enhancement.

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A "No" uttered from the deepest conviction is better and greater than a "yes" merely uttered to please - or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
Mahatma Gandhi

"This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people; they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance."
Philip K. Dick

When Words Become Weapons: Verbal Abuse, Participant's Guide

How Verbal Self Defense Works, Suzette Haden Elgin, PhD

How to Deal with Power Freak Relatives During the Holidays

Win Win Negotiation Strategies

How to Deal with Emotionally Explosive People

Coping With Toxic People

Abuse Management


Setting Limits in Relationships

People Pleasing? Having Trouble Saying "No?"

Ways to Say No

Lessons About Emotional Detachment, Part 2 Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries - How I did It

Boundary Links
Verbal Abuse and how to respond

Assertiveness Training (some good hints & techniques)

Emotional Blackmail & verbal tactics to use

Boundaries and verbal abuse site Boundaries and Verbal Abuse by Sidney Langston

Confrontation and Verbal Self Defence, Darla Bolon, MSW  responses to abuse

How to Deal With Control Freaks

The Dysfunctional Dance (by Tammy) at BPD Central

Just Say "No" by Laura Wilkinson

How to Deal with An Abuser Without Getting Defensive
Boundaries - by Dr. Irene
How to Deal With an Abuser When Words Don't Work
Communicating with an Abuser

Assertiveness - Be More Confident and Competent with Anybody

Controlling diverting & manipulation in conversations

Some verbal response suggestions from a taxi driver Non-escalating verbal self defence

How to deal with an Overbearing Mother

Recognizing and Defusing Angry Situations (Bait Handling skills)
Part 2

  Self-Image Boundaries

Setting Boundaries

Articles on Boundaries

How to Deal With Control Freaks

The Dysfunctional Dance (by Tammy) at BPD Central

Just Say "No" by Laura Wilkinson

How to Deal with An Abuser Without Getting Defensive
Boundaries - by Dr. Irene
How to Deal With an Abuser When Words Don't Work
Communicating with an Abuser

Assertiveness - Be More Confident and Competent with Anybody

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 With 5 million Americans suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and another 10 million with the less severe syndrome Destructive Narcissistic Pattern, Loving the Self-Absorbed is a timely book. Author Nina Brown gives readers specific steps for limiting the effect of a partner's narcissistic behavior and getting what they need out of the relationship. She explains the five types of "destructive narcissism" and how to recognize their effects on a relationship.
Loving the Self Absorbed by Nina Brown (Amazon book description)

Personality Disorders:

Criteria for Compensatory/Self Confident/Inventive Narcissist

Self Confident Type

Acquired Situational Narcissism

You're So Vain - Rock Star Narcissism (archived)

Misdiagnosing Narcissism – The BiPolar I Disorder by Sam Vaknin

Misdiagnosing Narcissism – Asperger's Disorder by Sam Vaknin

Non-Feeling Personality

Troubled Person Personality

The Passive Aggressive Website

Passive-Aggressive Manipulators

The Bad Apples

Coping with Toxic People

Types of Toxic People

Dry Drunk Syndrome

Recognizing and Avoiding Commitment Phobic Men

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Adjustment Disorder

Anxiety Disorders

Childhood Disorders

Eating Disorders

Mood Disorders

  • Major Depressive Disorder

  • Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

  • Cyclothymic Disorder

  • Dysthymic Disorder

Cognitive Disorders (Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic Disorders)

Personality Disorders

Schizophrenia & Other Psychotic Disorders

Substance-Related Disorders

Shared Psychosis Disorder by Dr. Idan Sharon (and induced delusional disorder)
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